Global Graffiti Wall

Recently Google updated it’s user-generated content policy for apps on the Play Store. Now you must allow for moderation and ability to remove offensive content from any apps that have user generated content. Since we don’t have the resources to do this, we had to remove the Global Wall from eGraffiti. So now the version of eGraffiti on the Play Store is just a personal wall in which people can practice their graffiti. But we are keeping the server running for the Global Wall for now. Android doesn’t allow for removing of updates of apps, so if you’ve updated to the latest version of eGraffiti, but want to go back you cant. So we are hosting the old version of eGraffiti with the Global Wall privately (not on GP), for those people who would like it.

There’s a couple things you’ll have to do first. You’ll have to manually uninstall the latest version of eGraffiti if it’s on your device. Then you’ll have to enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android Settings to be able to install the app from this website. Here’s a link to a tutorial on enabling unknown sources: How to install apps outside of Google Play BE CAREFUL installing apps from unknown sources can be dangerous, you could end up with all sorts of malware or virus apps. So I suggest turning off unknown sources after you’ve installed eGraffiti.

Finally here is the link to get the previous version of eGraffiti that still supports the Gobal Wall: Global Wall

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